Wednesday, 1 September 2021

How to be normal: Reading Task.

 Hi there this is my reading task (How to be normal) it's about a little girl having a rough time at school. I hope you enjoy, and as always make sure to leave a positive comment. Thank you!

Geometry Challenges


Tuesday, 17 August 2021

Algebra Maths task.

 Hi there this is my Algebra Maths task i just learn't about this today so if any mistakes feel free to point them out. If not make sure to leave a positive comment, Thanks!

Friday, 13 August 2021

Quirky Persuasive Writing


Hi there! This is my Quirky Persuasive Writing down below is the details I hope you enjoy!

Statement: “Fox’s should be able to sleep on tables in Hong Kong”.

Place: Hong Kong

Object: Table

Character: Fox

Did you know that Tables are the best thing ever invented by human beings to Fox’s. That there was just a little Sentence on why Fox’s should be able to sleep on tables in Hong Kong. I have 3 reasons why. But I just want to put out that Fox’s are the best pets to cheer you up when you are at your lowest times.

P1: If you didn’t know, tables are the best beds for fox’s to sleep on. It helps them reduce back pain from everyday and night going out hunting for food. And also Hong Kong tables have a world record for making animals fall asleep, it takes fox’s 40-50 seconds for them to fall asleep. And most important, the best tables in Hong Kong are the ones left out in the streets. But the sad thing is that while they sleeping they are often woken up earlier by the sound of yelling and food courts opened by the people of Hong Kong, and not only do they wake up by the noise they wake up by scent of the beautiful aroma by perfectly cooked meals served to the people of Kong Kong.

P2: The reason why Fox’s only like the tables from Honk Kong is because somehow fox’s are spiritually connected to Hong Kong, so if fox’s were forbidden to sleep on the tables in Hong Kong it would destroy them Emotionally and mentaly. And you never know they probably have feelings like us human beings. But besides that, the tables in Hong Kong are the best for them. Not only  are they spiritually connected to Hong Kong they are connected to the people around them.

PG:3 And also one really awesome thing about Foxes sleeping on the tables in Hong Kong, is that there are certain positions that Foxes do that help them sleep on the table. For example they do a position where they hang upside down with their back against the table, and their head hanging to the floor. And what that does is that it reduces back pain and rebuilds energy back for them to go hunting at night.

Anyways, that's all from me i hope you enjoyed, make sure you leave a positive comment and show this to your friends.

“Tootles” Petero