Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Santa and Billybob.

Once upon time there was a elf called Billybobl it had a big hat with a ponti shoe with a nice jersey. He lived in the North Pole  where was freezing cold all year round. One day  

Went into the shed and got some coloful papper when he went get some papper he tripped into the saly and then flew into the sky. Santa was waiting and waiting and waiting for long he tried got so he went to checked in the shed when he looked everywhere it was a mess especially when the sleigh was gone. 

Next Santa checked outside until he saw Billybob in his sleigh. Billybob could not control the sleigh so he tumbled down into the deep snow. After that Santa did. Or know what to do so Santa and the elves made a new sleigh. They got new reindeers and new parts and combined them all together to make it into an incredible sleigh. 

Then Santa flew into the sky and tracked the sleigh with the tracking device and it said Billybob was under Santa. So Santa flew down and landed safely. Then he searched. When he looked he saw lots of snow, ice and polar bears. 

Suddenly he saw Billybob in the cave freezing cold and shaking with fright. 

Finally Santa and Billybob went home and sat next to the fire and got warm.

The end.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Maori legend

Last week at school room 15 designed amazing Moari art around the flora and flora NZ bush.

First we got our pencil and designed our picture. Secondly I got a dark green a dark brown, and a dark blue pastel and colured in my beautiful drawing. Lastly I got some black paper and stuck my picture on the black paper and got some marvellous green glitter and stuck it on the black paper to make cool designs.

Next I wrote a Maori legend in my writing book it was about Rangi and the wate. Finally I went on google and got pictures of the flora and flora bush and drew my characters and animated my story.

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Rangi and the wate

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Rangi he lived in the bush. It had tall kauri trees and flax bush's. 
One day Rangi and the weta went for a walk in the forest. All of a sudden the weta steped in a rock trap. A whole lot of rocks came and trapped the weta. Next he took all of the rocks off the wate. After that he asked the god of the forest to put sharp claws so the wate will never get trapped 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Once upon a time was a big sixteen brave boy calked Brodie and he had a friend but it was whale calked trigger and he could do lots of amazing tricks. They lived in a incredible under water house and even thoe Brodie can breath and walk in it. One day trigger an Brodie went for a swim faraway. Brodie put on his cool looking swimming suit and got out of the house and went for a swim. They got their they went to explore to fine amazing looking fish. Then  a gigantic jellyfish elicktireled trigger. After that the storm came and rain pouring down  they had to fastly get home but the house was broken. Suddenly the police boat and picked up Brodie and the fish pawportorl came a took trigger to check him. Finally Brodie asked "can I have a tiwel please" and took Brodie to get a hotel.