Friday, 29 June 2018

Descriptive Writing

There were two people dancing, they tripped over and fell back. They lost their balance and were so embarrassed but they picked themselves up. They courageously got back up and carried on with the dance.

Tuesday, 19 June 2018

My Narrative

Once upon a time there was two characters called Bella and  Mavi Jay. Bella was a queen she lived in a huge and beautiful castle Mavi Jay lived in a small cottage and Mavi Jay was trapeze artist. One day Mavi jay was walking in the forest. Bella went on her horse riding in the forest were Mavi jay was. She was riding until Bella fell into a giant hole then came along someone came and tripped over a rock into to the gianthole were Bella and the horse were it was Mavi they were stuck they could not get out Bella and mavi had no choice but to go on there back and get out so bella went onto mavis shoulders and got out then Bella had to use all her strength to pull him out from the hole. But they had to get something to get Bellas horse out to so they had to get some volunteers to them get Bellas horse out so some people came and went into the hole and pushed from the bottom to get half of the horse out then Bella and mavi jay took the horses leg and pulled and pulled to get the horse out they got it out the people went back home and Bella and her horse went back home and Mavi jay went on with his walk in the forest.     

Thursday, 14 June 2018


Once long ago there lived 7 beautiful sisters that lived in a very nice valley who where making beautiful kites. The biggest sister made green kite from the harakeke bush. The second made an orange kite from the raupo tree. the third sister made a pink kite from the manuka tree. The fourth sister made red kite from the puriri tree.The fifth sister made a blue kite from the colour of the river. The sixth sister made a white kite from the toetoe bush. The last one the beautifulest and the kindness and sweetest and the smallest made a colourful kite her name was Matariki. A meanwhile they set off to the tall mountain to fly it as they got there there were no wind to fly it so they tied all the kites together and had a sleep to wait for the wind to come. During the night the kites flew away Matariki awoke then she started to cry because her kite and her sisters kite flew away as she was crying her sisters was waken from her crying searched and searched for there kites. Suddenly they saw there kites flying in sky shining bright. Matariki and her sisters where very amazed to see something brighter than anything. The end.